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A fresh approach to rehabilitation

From the moment survivors leave hospital after a stroke, they and their family need daily rehabilitation support.

In spite of the NICE guidelines stating that they should receive at least 45 minutes of relevant therapy most days a week, that is not generally available leading to poor and protracted recovery being the typical outcome.

Providing the required therapy by traditional methods is a huge demand on community care teams as they do not have the resources or facilities it demands. Awaiting assessment on release from hospital can still take up to six weeks!

But there is now a breakthrough which can and will revolutionise the way rehabilitation is offered to stroke survivors.

It is an innovative branch of medicine that reduces the cost of provision of rehabilitation therapy by at least 90%.

There is no wait for care assessment and can be switched on in minutes.

It has been found to be “as effective as in-clinic therapy.”

It can be prescribed and personalized by occupational therapists. They can monitor its use and complement its use making it truly effective for survivors even on the days that they do not receive a visit or attend a clinic.

It operates and is designed for the home environment, whatever the level of mobility and impairment a patient may have and is available on any laptop, tablet or phone.

The name of this innovative approach to therapy is TeleRehabilitation. It is a big word but it solves a big problem for stroke survivors and therapists.

It is the name of the organization who invested three years in its creation. It is a registered trademark.

In the UK, Stroke Today are releasing Life After Stroke which is the first commercial subscription product based on their Telerehabilitation platform.

Traditional costs of stroke therapy are at least £40 per session if paid by a survivor or the NHS salary if delivered by an occupational therapist.

Compare that cost with a monthly subscription of less than £10 per month for unlimited 24/7 stroke rehabilitation. 

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