We specialise in the rehabilitation and recovery needs of stroke survivors, their family and their carers.

As set out in NHS clinical guidelines, stroke rehabilitation depends on regular daily therapy to achieve the optimal recovery. There is Life After Stroke and to help with the journey, we can help you with your Stroke Recovery and Stroke Rehabilitation. We have created a Web Smart App called LIFE AFTER STROKE  to enable you to self-manage your needs at home.


During November and December, users of earlier versions of the Application are migrating to the forthcoming release.

When survivors leave hospital and return home, they need to be able to relearn the skills and activities which are often affected by a stroke. LIFE AFTER STROKE  is a complete self-managed solution to assist you and your loved ones to enable you to recover at home as fast as possible.



All feedback from existing users will be considered and integrate prior to the public availability on social media on 1 January.

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